Friday, January 14, 2005

January is almost half over!

Time flies, time flies. I've been busy every day. Family stuff and art stuff. Have been creating some new digital collages, and am preparing for a bridal show on Sunday. Maybe after that's over I'll have a bit of time. Nope, probably not. Taxes, trolley hop art event, working at getting work. I may post some photos to this blog, but in the meantime my website will suffice. I joined a new online digital art group. The people in it are fantastic! Very talented. That spurs me to create. It's good for me, but time-consuming. Too many late nights. Right now I am making bookmark business cards with a LOVE quotation to hand out at the bridal show: R.W. Emerson - Give all to Love; obey thy heart. I was told that 600 brides have signed up. I hope they all come wanting calligraphy!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

First Blog Entry!

Hello! My name is Jan and I am beginning 2005 firmly (shakily?) entrenched in the computer age. I am an artist/calligrapher who specializes in calligraphy, collage, mixed media paintings and digital collage. I am also a freelance writer and a former food microbiologist. Welcome to my blogsite. Please check back often. Throughout the next few weeks I plan to add several items to the site. To see the work I do, check out my website: .
Happy New Year!