Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kitchen Countertop

I had a granite countertop installed today. (Thanks, Rob and Laura, for the help and the recommendation!)

Here are a few snapshots of the before and after.

Now to tackle that horrid wallpaper!

Jace at the Head of the Class

I went to the University of Louisville for a Father's Day photo shoot with Steve, Sandy and Jace. Steve had ideas for photos and Sandy took over 1000 shots! Here are a few I took before my camera battery died.

Jace in a bow tie and cap is just too precious!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

I didn't get to take many photos this year - I was too busy and the house was too crowded since the weather didn't let us get outside much. Here are a few photos though. I didn't get to everybody.

Here's Jace with GGma.

Here are two photos of pretty girls.

Here's Jace hunting eggs - looks like the Easter Bunny really hid them, doesn't it.

Jenny and Braydon.

Braydon with his Granddad.

Bobbie Jo.

Here's Ray with Justin's Steven.

Sandy and Steve (caught with his mouth full).

Steve and Jace.

Mama and her boy.

100 isn't what it used to be! Here is Aunt Chris less than a month before her 100th birthday.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Sandy posted this dual photo of Jace - from newborn to just days ago. What a difference a year makes!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Chicks

Jace spent the night Saturday so we took him to the new Rural King store to see baby chicks. Steve saw them just a few days ago when they were new baby peepers. By Sunday when we went they were already getting their wing feathers. I think we got there just in time.

Here he is peeking into one of the tubs full of chick-lets.

Here he is with the haircut his Daddy just gave him, minus the usual gel. Even though the haircut makes him look older, he's just a baby chick himself (13 months.)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Jace at the Louisville Zoo

Steve, Sandy, Jace and I went to the Louisville Zoo today. It rained this morning, but by the time we decided to go the sun was out, skies were blue and it was warm. Sandy bought a family pass so they'll be going back often.

Loved the black swans.

Jace got up close and personal with a friendly and curious gorilla...behind heavy glass.

A safer gorilla. He loved it!

Jace doing an elephant trunk with his arm.

jace leaning over big snake.

A rare white gator.

Smiling goat in the petting zoo.


Jace did a good tiger roar.

Black stone fountain - Jace loved it and got totally drenched.

A silverback.

Turtles in a row.

Jace was a pretty tough guy - scared of nothing - until we sat him on this stump in the petting zoo. The safety of daddy's arms was all he wanted then.

Lotsa monkeys in the gift shop.

What a great day for visiting the zoo!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Two Thank You Cards

Took time from enjoying the beautiful sunshine and lovely warm Spring day with Jace today to make two thank you cards and address a few envelopes. These cards were simple and quick. Just cut base card to fit existing envelopes (about 3.5 x 5.5 inches.) Glued two strips of water-colored papers to each, one a royal blue and one a mottled green and blue. Lettered "Thanks!" on each with a Bic Mark-it fine point permanent marker in a pretty pastel green tint, embellished with a stardust pen - voila!

I love quick and easy, especially when they turn out well.

Jace in the Park - fears, tears, smiles

I went with Sandy, Steve and Jace to a local park this week. Sandy wanted to take photos for a thank you card for Jace's first birthday. (He's now 13 months old...growing up way too fast!) I took a few snapshots myself. Not as good as hers, but here are a few showing Jace not enjoying being up in a tree (the better to show the blossoms) looking bear-riffic on a bear bench, and enjoying the sliding board under Daddy's supervision.