Sunday, October 01, 2006


I love waking up as I did this alarm clock, just slowly coming to the awareness of being awake rather than dreaming. As I lay in bed with ideas gently gliding in and out of my consciousness, I thought of the happiest of times, and conversely the saddest times. And then I thought of an aunt - at 95, what would her answers to those questions be? Then I wished I'd asked another aunt those questions before she died - she always seemed so happy.

Only my blog has been inactive!

By the looks of this page, I have been inactive for nearly two years, but the converse is true. I have been VERY active. Super busy, and no thoughts of the blog I created in January 2005. I will catch up on events - two years in a paragraph - and then post my latest project.
CATCHING UP - 2005 was full of gardening, art shows, wrapping up my aunt's estate affairs, several small trips to some fabulous calligraphy workshops, some small and one large wedding calligraphy job, and taking a fulltime job again last October. Art shows, my own and family member health issues, three more big weddings in 2006, and a promotion at work in July...and another promotion last week! Yes - I have been BUSY!

I'd like to make this blog at least a weekly part of my life now, if not daily. A sort of journal of events and ideas. First big idea was born of a dreamtime awakening this morning, and is coming right up...