Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This and That - Travel and Politics

I spent last week 'on the road'. Once again, I was far too busy to take any photos, though I had my trusty camera at my side. On the highway from Hattiesburg to Clinton, MS I saw several picturesque truck farmers with truck beds full of yams. It must be sweet potato season in Mississippi. I really wished I wasn't driving and had had the time to stop to snap the extra large African American farmer in straw hat with the yams neatly arranged in evenly sized stacks on his truck bed. He looked like a vanishing bit of Americana.

My trips were all excellent. I like weeks like that. They're hard in that I have to be away from home and my family and my art. I haven't picked up a calligraphy pen or a paintbrush in weeks! The hours are long on the road, but there is something very satisfying in knowing I am helping my clients...and I like them so much! Almost all of my clients are wonderful, kind, generous-hearted people whom it is good to be near. I want to help them succeed. It is good to be part of something bigger than myself.

I meet such interesting people on my flights sometimes! A little bonus in my life. They are transient companions. I will likely never see them again, but we are all on this planet (or sharing the same air) together and for the hour or so of our time in the sky together we connect. Funny thing happened this trip. I found out that a man in Mississippi whom I share conversation and trips to a coffee shop with actually knows a lovely Louisville couple (The Dehoneys) whom I met on a flight about a year ago. You never know. I'm glad my mother taught me to be nice.

Speaking of my mother...she is so funny! And she is surprisingly political this year. She said to my sister and her friends Saturday night after a party, "If I voted for Bush, I'm sorry." I love her! I was very young, but I remember my first taste of politics. My dad threw my "I like Ike" button into the backyard. Mom was wholeheartedly for Eisenhower and Daddy was steadfastly for Stevenson. I don't remember where I got the button...Mom? A neighbor? No idea. I looked for it for a long time.

And now I have to tell what my good friend's 4 year old granddaughter said of Sarah Palin. Yes, she knew who she was, she said. "She's the only woman who is voting for McCain." Had to laugh out loud when I heard that one!

I voted today. I'll be traveling on election day. The courthouse was VERY crowded! I've never seen so much early voting going on! I had to wait an hour. Courthouse workers told me it's been like that every day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old Bikers, lovely home and fab exhibit (The old, the older and the new)

I was browsing some of my photos today and found this one of three old bikers taken last Spring in Paducah, KY. I remembered how delighted I was to see the juxtaposition of old versus new and back to old again. The three old gents obviously had different ideas of 'biking'.
I also found a photo of the Latimer House where I will spend a night later this week when I am in Mississippi. Built in 1895, it is a late-Victorian beauty inside and out.
Yesterday my friend Diana and I visited a wonderful exhibit in Corydon, IN where one of our friends was a featured artist. We each purchased wonderful works of art by Susannah Hebert. Mine is a yellow glass and copper garden sunshine with a beautiful quote sandblasted into the sun's 'face'. Diana bought a fun piece to hang on her new studio's front porch. It will definitely be a conversation piece. The real stunner of the day was Susannah's glass, metal, rock, wire and bead tree. A true work of art, that can never be duplicated. Susannah's sister and friends all had intriguing art pieces, so Diana and I were very happy that we went. Actually, I had to go to pick up my sunshine...Diana's purchase was unplanned and a bonus for Susannah. Susannah and Diana are pictured above, as are the tree and a detail of the tree's trunk.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Charleston - or Chawlston - great any way you say it

I returned Sunday from a weekend trip to Charleston, SC, one of the most lovely cities in America. A co-worker and I were on a business trip all day Friday and Saturday, but managed to take an hour to shop near the Market and found a fabulous little place, Harriet's Boutique, where we bought some cool jewelry. (Three Christmas presents purchased, plus a few cool pieces for myself!) We bought shawls in the Market and ate at two wondrous restaurants. In Charleston we ate at 82 Queen. Creamy grits to die for! On Saturday night we were treated to dinner at Oscar's in Summerville. I nearly licked my plate, the tenderloin was so delicious with its Jack Daniels sauce and mango chutney. Yum, yum! Once again, no time for photos, though Charleston is quite the photographer's dream. I have many shots from previous trips, and will make sure to get the camera out on subsequent visits.

My step-mother-in-law's many illnesses finally took her today...just as family had begun looking for a nursing home. My sympathy to her children and grandchildren.

Watched the debate with interest tonight. Good job on both sides, though my mind has not been changed. I don't like whining and meanness. I felt Hillary was intelligent and gracious tonight in her interview.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Louisville Art Weekend Extraordinaire

This past weekend was great for art lovers in Louisville. I left work on Friday to attend the opening reception of Five from Four - an art exhibit of the work of five calligraphic artists from four countries. Steve Skaggs and Laurie Doctor of Louisville invited three friends from around the globe to participate in this exhibit. Almost all of the work was created in 2008 just for the exhibit. Great stuff! Great too to see Laurie and Steve again.
The annual St. James Court Art Show was also this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was great to see old friends, BJ McHugh, Ann and Tom Ebendorf, Cheryl Brady and others from my own art show days. I did my part for the economy buying several pairs of earrings from artists around the country. I bought a pair for my niece's birthday, but also bought several for myself. I resisted spending $500 for a glass necklace. It was so funky and cool, but easily resistable at that price. These images are of glass pieces from the show and of houses from the beautiful old Louisville neighborhood.
Saturday was also my niece's 19th birthday. Dinner that night at the Bristol was very disappointing. It's the second or third time we've tried the new Jeffersonville location, but I think it will also be the last. Extremely terrible service (like NONE!) and food that was not worth the wait - or the price. Ice cream cake at her house afterward and watching old home movies was a fun way to close out the day, however.
Oh yes...I also got my flu shot. My sister came prepared. Her business, Health Services of Kentucky is going strong at this time of year protecting citizens from the flu virus. I'm glad to have mine. Thanks, Marcia!