Saturday, May 12, 2012

Congratulations, Graduate!

University of Louisville. Speed School of Engineering. Graduation, May 12, 2012.
Congratulations to my son, Steve Hurst, who graduated with honors and now has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering! Steve left a good job that he hated to go to school as an adult to earn his engineering degree. While raising a son and working at least part time for the years it took to earn his degree, he was able to keep his GPA high enough to graduate with honors. (This took much patience and forbearance by his fiancee Sandy too.) We are all so proud that he has accomplished his dream!

Here are some images from April 2011 of the Speed Scientific School at the University of Louisville:
Steve and Jace in April 2011 - looking ahead to graduation in 2012.

Graduation 2012 Crowd:
The grads of today were texting and iPading during the ceremonies. It was easy to see the laptops and phones because the Yum Center was so dark! One smart grad had the top of her mortarboard encrusted with shimmery 'jewels', making her easy to spot.
Steve and proud Mom.

No more homework.

No more classrooms.

Oh! Except for Masters' classes, starting this summer.

And here is the next generation with graduation in his future.
I love my guys!