Thursday, November 25, 2010

Catching up with Jace, and a couple of birthday photos brother tells me he hasn't seen enough photos of Jace on my blog lately. To rectify that, here we go! These are from October and November. On December 2nd he will be 9 months old. Amazing! Thanksgiving pix will be posted later.

Here he is all tuckered out in his bouncer.

Here he is with his Pappy at the Falls of the Ohio...where Lewis and Clark began their historic journey.

Bad Jamma let little dirty face fall asleep without washing.

The whole picture. Both boys sleeping.

Mama Sandy, Daddy Steve with their Jace Monkey at G-Gma's on Halloween.

My birthday was earlier this month. Here are pix of two gifts from my son and daughter in law and birthday cards I received...many from the wonderful calligraphy birthday exchange group I belong to online.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Took a business trip to Jacksonville Beach, FL last week. Though we were only able to have short walks on the beach in the mornings before our day long meetings, we did have Friday afternoon for beach-combing. (And I did go out one night by myself...the resulting photos look like they were taken in a snowstorm, but it was ocean spray.)

I'd been to Jacksonville's neighbor, St. Augustine, a few times, but had never been on the beach at Jacksonville. It was a pleasant surprise.

This was basically the back yard of the Marriott Hotel. Nice view!

What at first appeared to be a business meeting on the beach tickled me. When I got home and enlarged my photos I saw that it was actually a Bible study in progress.

Crab! Steve thinks I should have had crabcakes for dinner.

I loved walking the beach and seeing the many variations on the theme. Foam, sand shells and water ebbing and flowing around me. Loved it! Beachcombing was pretty sucessful. At low tide I found a sand dollar. Wading in the Atlantic Ocean in November...what a gift!

Our last dinner was at this 1974 restaurant chain, Mellow Mushroom. Decent pizza, but a bit loud and sports-bar for my taste.