Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Art and Wedding Blogs

Hello, All! Some people may be expecting to see my art and wedding blogs here, but this blog has become more of a family blog than an art blog. I have two art blogs that are more active than this. is my main art blog, and is my wedding calligraphy blog. In addition, I have a new website! The old PictureTrail site here is still active. It was never an interactive website, but a hosted photo storage site for the most part. Now I have a true website. Ta da! Please view here and tell me what you think.
This rose is from the bouquet Steve gave me for our anniversary last month. He still does flowers after all these years.
Here is a bouquet of tulips he gave me for Easter.

Speaking of Easter, we spent Easter at my sister Angie's, and it happened to be Angie and Jim's wedding anniversary. Sweet!
My brother Roger's grandson (1 1/2) is pretty smart. At the Easter Egg Hunt he spied the stash of plastic eggs and decided why settle for one plastic egg when he could get the entire cache? Such a cutie, and in his large family he is already learning survival tactics like this.

I will close with this image of the Jace Man Band. Jace loves my Mom, his GGMa, to pieces, and she returns the love.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jace Enjoys Talking Tom

Jace enjoys Talking Tom on my iPad. It's a free app and is a lot of fun! These pictures testify to Jace's enjoyment. (Click on the pix to see them larger.)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Little Prince

My little prince is wearing a crown his daddy made for him as he plays with his Leappad (a Christmas gift.)

In the second photo he is in his toddler bed (no more crib!) surrounded by his babies (stuffed animals.)
My sweet Jace the Face is growing up very quickly.  He will soon be three years old!

He was at our house today for a while as I worked on a calligraphy project.  Maybe one day he'll be running my calligraphy studio.