Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

Hiding in Plain Sight. We were delighted to see a Tom Turkey as we turned the corner onto my brother's road for our Thanksgiving feasting. Here's one who got lucky!

Here are two beautiful cousins and a beautiful mom. I was busy handling an asthma attack and didn't get many family photos.

Roger pointed out these birds nest mushrooms with spore 'eggs'. I may have seen them before, but I didn't know what they were called. He and my sister in law Wanda are quite the naturalists, and it's evident in their lovely surroundings.

On our way down the drive I spotted this farm equipment and took this quick pastoral snapshot from the back seat.

We stopped at the forestry where Steve, Sandy and Jace climbed to the top of the fire tower.

Jace and Daddy on the top level.

Jamma didn't make the climb.

Looks like there have been some naughty people on the fire tower. These undergarments are in a tree beside it. Santa knows when you've been bad or good...

After the fire tower, we visited a sliding board...the metal was COLD! The slide was slow. That didn't stop Jace from having fun.

My Jace is a well-rounded boy. Athletic, cute as can be, and well-read too.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gargas, France

During our trip to France this summer, we stayed in a small village named Gargas in the Midi Pyrenees region. The following photos are from Gargas and immediate area. Many are sights we saw every day. Gargas is probably a town you will never visit, but it is typical of many of the small villages in the south west of France.

This crucifix appears to be in a resident's yard and it is quite an elaborate and beautiful setting.
This flower buggy is in the little yard at the mayor's home across from the church.

This lock is on a garage near our home base.

This is the mayor's door.

In lieu of screens, draperies hang outside this door.
Someone's laundry hanging to dry in their backyard.
This sign indicates that we are leaving Gargas.
I love these rooftops.
Nearby sunflower fields and road signs.
Parishioners at the Gargas church. In most small villages there are gorgeous old churches, which are the heart of the village. Unfortunately the churches now must share priests and parishioners must travel to a different village each week to attend services.
This was a daily view from our yard.

The town's mail box.
Sunflowers and Roadsigns.
Waiting for a rider.
Town telephone cabine.
I think this is a well house.

Our lovely Gargas home-away-from-home.

Laundry day in Gargas.
This sign appeared a few days before we were to depart. The circus was the day after we left. We regretted that we had to miss it.
I miss Gargas. The people were friendly, the town was peaceful and pretty. Once we learned how to get around, the location was quite convenient - but the rental car was a necessity.
Thanks, Margaret and Bill for your incredible generosity allowing us this memorable vacation!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So, We All Went to the Park Last Night

We went to the park last night, and followed up with Mexican food at Puerto Vallarta restaurant. Naturally, Jace was a hit at the restaurant, with all the waiters talking to the little muchacho. We had fun at the park too.

First Jace tried out the swings.
Then a slide. He LOVES the slides.

After that we hiked to the creek where I snapped this shot with his daddy.

Back to the slides.

And then we met Bubba who, when he saw my camera, asked me to take his photo. Bubba has fun!

Jace liked this flip puzzle toy on the side of the slide set.

Then we headed out at dusk, when I got this photo of the moon caught in a tree limb maze.

After eating at the Mexican restaurant, Jace played in the shrubbery.

Another fun adventure with the marvelous Jace the Face!