Monday, September 29, 2008

parts is parts

Parts is parts they's the will grow.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

No new photos - what happened?

No new photos. I didn't even get my camera out on my trip this week to Missouri and Nebraska. The weather was wonderful, the work was hard. Three of us drove to MO and spent a day with a client. Two of us flew on to NE and spent a longer day with another client. Had to get up at 3:30AM Friday to drive to Omaha and fly home. Great weather, good people, good flights. No time for fun or photography. Today was spent catching up and actually working. It kept my mind off of heartbreaking family news. Tomorrow will NOT be spent on work! Maybe I'll get back to some painting. And maybe soon I'll have a new photo. --But NOT a photo of me with my new haircut! Sweet Celeste thought it would be fun to give me a VERY short 'do'. I fear that I am not young enough or pretty enough anymore to carry off this look, though it garnered many compliments. Hair grows quickly. It will soon look perfect.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Artistic wisdom and Ike's trickery

On Sunday afternoon the Ohio River Valley witnessed a bit of Ike's strength. With some gusts as high as 90 mph and some sustained winds of 50-60 mph, much of this area was left without power. More than 100,000 homes remain without power tonight (Thursday.) Fortunately, my home was nearly unaffected, and I put out the call to family members & friends to come stay with me. One small oddity of the wind is evidenced in the photo of my three sunshine plaques on the fence in my backyard. Two of the three flipped around. I'm surprised (and happy) that they didn't fall off, but am fairly flabbergasted that they could flip around instead.

The second photo is from my trip to Paducah last week. Scratched into the concrete walk in front of one gallery was this appropriate quote - art does not have to match your couch!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Flirtie Gertie

The brace is off my hand and it feels good! I'm traveling again quite a bit for work. Last week in MS and TN, next week in MO and NE. Have recently been in NC and SC as well, and October brings a return to SC and MS, among others.

I am working on a surprise Christmas gift for someone...actually three someones. I hope they turn out. If they do, I will share on the blog for sure. So far, so good. It's exciting! (But there's a long way to go.)

Last week I spent time at Donna's house, and she is doing fantastic new (art) work! We went to Paducah's Lowertown, but the most fun was visiting the Papa gallery, where she may soon display her own work. The people there were great. I wish we had something like it here. I stayed with Donna's lovely and so hospitable mother...thanks, Jean!

The image I'm sharing is from a store window. Wouldn't Flirtie Gertie make a great greeting card!