Friday, November 14, 2008

Late to my own birthday party

My family had a surprise birthday party for me last Sunday - the day before my birthday. I was two hours late. It WAS a surprise, after all, and that proved it! I got some sweet gifts, and even sweeter cards. Two had sentiments that almost made me cry, and many were very funny. I also received many cards from calligraphy friends with whom I'm in a birthday card exchange. Talented people! All the cards were handmade and each very different from the other. I will post photos later.

Last Saturday I went to a Tea Party/Christmas sale with my very excellent friend Doris. I bought a couple of pieces of blue glass for my collection, but mostly just enjoyed spending time with her. She'd taken me to lunch at Panera Bread for my birthday and we'd shopped for a bit at Hobby Lobby. Doing things I like to do with a very good friend...good times.

On Monday two work friends took me to lunch. It was a very good break in what was to be a hard hard that I left early today to keep my sanity. I also got flowers at work...a pretty little fall arrangement that I meant to bring home today. I hope they're still alive on Monday. Another friend and I went to lunch on Tuesday for his birthday. I found a new lunch spot that is very good!

My 16 year old niece had knee surgery Wednesday due to a sports injury. I will visit her this weekend. A good friend's mother died yesterday, so that is on my mind too. My elderly aunt left for FL and I am worried about her safety there on her own this winter. She was argumentative when we spoke Sunday night. My husband was right when he called me 'stubborn'. It runs deep in my family. Aunt Chris is the worst! I guess that's how she's lived so long and so well.

Last night I met Doris again, in downtown Jeff, for an arty Christmas shopping downtown open house. All the little stores were decorated and festive and all also provided refreshments. I bought hot pepper raspberry preserves and gleaned the recipe for one artist's curry cream cheese. It will be a great party hors-doeuvres. I also bought some cool cards that will be fun to send. I left after visiting only a few shops...just too tired from a long, rough day to stay out any later.

Tomorrow I will go to yet another Open House. This one at the art store where I used to teach calligraphy, collage and card design. They are having a special discount tomorrow so I plan to buy some new canvases. I'm not doing art shows any more, but I still have the urge to create and want to paint some new art for my home. Once again, it will be fun to spend the afternoon with Diana. We always laugh a lot and I need her brand of levity in my life.
The image with this post is of a small abstracted cityscape I did last fall. There is a bit of texture in it that doesn't show up, and the camera flash has put a little glare on it. The wall is pale yellow, but looks more beige here, so the painting is slightly yellower too, I think. I painted two of these (similar, not exact) - one to sell and one to keep. The other did sell, and I'm glad I kept this one.

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