Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby!

This area was hit by a powerful ice storm with many power outages this week. We did a happy dance when power came back on at my house last night. THANKS, Duke Energy workers!

Catching up with several photos here. One is of ornaments I painted for Christmas gifts. Not as easy as I'd thought it would be! One is of sweet and special niece Celeste with her beau Irvin on Christmas day. Two more are of dancers at Rob and Laura's New Year's Eve party...I didn't ask permission, so am only using un-recognizable photos. What a fun night! Laura's friend later posted a clip of Laura singing Autumn Leaves to You Tube...Google that (Laura Dorman + Autumn Leaves should do it.) Fabulous!!!! Other photos are of my room on recent travels - quite lovely. This one was a gem of a place with only three guest rooms in Ripley, MS - Inn on the Square. And one is of tree limbs downed by ice in Mom's front yard. This is actually a very minor scene in Kentuckiana. Damage from downed trees and power lines was everywhere and lingers several days later.

Have some art to do this weekend to prepare for a mini art show + social event I've been invited to participate in at 21C, a new Louisville hotel. Will post photos of my results later.

Looking forward to SuperBowl Sunday - not for the football, which - alas - I do not understand. Looking forward to spending time with friends, playing games (Cranium, anyone?), and watching those commercials. And the expected thaw! Unfortunately, there is more snow in the future - another storm coming next week.

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Sue - The Purple Pixie said...

Hi Jan,
I've been meaning to post a comment for ever on your blog. I don't think you realise how much you helped me when I lost my sight. remember you sent me pictures of those canvases you did at that who was your tutor....errrmmm can't remember, it must be an age thing! lol.
Anyway, becasue of you I'm still managing to write, paint and do my calligraphy. So GREAT BIG THANK YOU! xxx
So glad your power seems to be restored. What a worrying time this is for everyone. Ice forcast for England tomorrow. At least the sun is shining today.
Just wanted to pop in and say hi and thank you.
Love and blessings,
Sue (Poppie) UK xxx