Wednesday, February 17, 2010


In my new position as Academic Services Director, I am going to head a group of company reps for our academic (and other) products. The base products are graduation related: diplomas, diploma and certificate covers, caps, gowns and tassels. It doesn't have to stick with schools though. Any business that could use certificate or presentation covers (think menus, photos, awards, retirements, etc.) could possibly select our products. Another branch of the company deals in high end specialty boxes, presentation cases and special books. We have done many exciting products for highly recognizable companies and entities. From the finest leathers to fabric, any price range can most likely be accommodated. Beauty schools, daycare centers, aeronautic and Bible colleges...any group that gives recognition is a potential client. I am going to be polling my friends to find people interested in repping our fine products.

Another part of the company, which also falls under my purview, is textbook rebinding. We can save schools a lot of money by rebinding rather than purchasing new textbooks to replace use-worn books.

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