Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Thanks to Sandy for sharing the photos she took with her fancy schmancy new camera!

Aunt and niece - Janny with Celeste - a quiet minute.

Steve and Sandy!

Roger and Wanda!

Jamma and Jace.

Jamma reading Five Little Monkeys book to Jace. (Where's the wrinkle filter on that camera?)

Justin, Ray and Jenny downstairs. (Background is studio clutter...sorry!)

My cousin Ray's sweet grandson Braydon, intrigued with the bubble he has blown.

Natalie and Andrea - cousins extraordinaire!

Angie and Celeste - looking more like sisters than mom and daughter.

Angie reminding me very much of Diane Keeton - though she's much younger than DK.

Jace in his cool black leather jacket from Natalie, Marcia and Steve S.

Jace and GGMa - having a moment. So sweet!

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