Monday, August 01, 2011

Butterflies and New Baby Bean

Butterflies are a sign of renewal. This butterfly (next two photos) in my backyard was a symbol of the new life in my family. Isn't he a handsome guy!

When Jace was born, my brother told me he was jealous. He didn't think he'd ever be a grandfather. What a difference a year makes! His son Justin and Justin's fiancee just became parents of a sweet baby boy, William Dean Reese. Justin's fiancee already has 5 children (with her late husband) so Roger is now the proud grandfather of not just one sweet baby boy namesake, but five other great kids.

Here are Great Aunt Angie, Great-grandma holding Bean and Grandma.

William Dean's older brothers and sisters lovingly call him "Bean" for the first image they saw of him - his ultrasound photo, in which they saw the image of a lima bean. Here Bean's smallest big sister Elizabeth taking a close look.

Here are two of 'my' great girls - Celeste and Sandy.

Here are Sandy and Natalie, another of 'my' great girls.

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Jane Farr said...

A beautiful and growing family! Congratulations on the new lives now filling your family Jan!