Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Best Shopkeeper In The World is in Carcassonne!!!!!!

This lady - Jocelyne Godest - called the gendarmes when someone turned my purse in to her. I'd obviously lost it in the church in Carcassonne, but her shop was no where near the church. Thankfully, someone found it and had the great sense to know that she was the perfect person to turn it in to. She looked inside, found my name and called the Carcassonne police - thus saving my vacation. My passport, credit cards and cash were all in this little purse. I love this lady! If you ever visit Carcassonne, be sure to vist her shop and buy everything you can. She is AN HONEST WOMAN, and she was so happy that she was of help to me. I LOVE HER!!!! Her shop's name is Aldenone. (I wish I'd bought the painting behind her head.) Kisses, hugs and more kisses to her! I like that lizard on the wall behind Beth's head too.

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