Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miscellaneous Snapshots from France

I had some photos from my wonderful trip last summer that didn't fit into any specific category. Here is the olio.

On our last day we went to a nearby town and learned that we had missed an annual festival by one day. These old tractors were being moved out as we walked around.

This sundial was in the same town, in a store window.

I was astonished by the array of cigarettes in a small shop.
Along with the cigarettes, games of chance, naturally. Should have bought one as a souvenir for my husband.

Here are a few images from Auch. There was a nice shopping district there and some beautiful cathedrals. When we bought ice cream cones we sat at the outdoor table. We were told we had to pay to sit there. We walked instead. As I recall, that was our least favorite ice cream cone. Some were excellent, but this one was only so-so and not worth the price...definitely not worth paying to sit.

A beautiful window in one of the cathedrals. We saw fantastic stained glass windows and architecture everywhere we went. I'd love to take this tour again.
A statue of St. Germaine.
Wedding banns were posted outside of many of the churches. These were in Auch, I think.

We didn't go into this store in Auch. I don't think the bottles inside the shop were this big.

And here is a wine goddess.

I had asked my friend to take a snapshot of the city as we were leaving (I was driving.) She took so long she missed the shot, so I quickly snapped this in the rear view mirror. (I'm not a perfectionist.) Goodbye, Auch.

At one country cemetery we saw stones on crypts.

I'd heard of them, but I'd never seen them...stand up potties with holes for the 'business'. This one is at a church. It's the only one we saw like this.

I can't remember the city where we saw this beautiful swan fountain. I think it may have been the castle town in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Niaux, but my notation on the photo file says Auch. I clearly remember that it was a very hot day (over 105F) and I wanted to walk right into it.

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