Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Warriors

I packed a lot into this weekend. My good friend Diana, recently back from wintering in Florida, came over on Saturday morning and we played. The watercolor "Red Hot Chilis" is a result. She'd done a similar (better) one in Florida and showed me how. Fun! I'll need a bit of practice to be as skilled with the medium as she is, but it was fun to do nonetheless.

This morning after church I sat in my garden watching the birds and the 'pet' squirrel, Nutsy. They did not disappoint. See the photo "Fighting Finches". I had my camera on high speed and was fortunate to catch them as they territorially scrapped over the fountain. Two other weekend warriors. This evening I am fine tuning a logo design that's dragged on for too long. I am almost pleased with it now...just fine tuning one letter in the second word. I'll share it soon.

I also wanted to share with Katherine Malmsten my tiny accordion book. I made the clay cover years ago when I took her clay workshop. She asked if that means that in a few years I'll do something with the ruling pen...hmmm, touché, my friend. I wrote an article - published in the Pendragons newsletter in May 2008 - about her ruling pen workshop earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

"Weekend Warriors"... I like that ;) I love it how something interesting can be found in something seemingly so simple and ordinary. Visual arts is definitely not among my talents, but I have a deep appreciation for it!

Donna Hacker said...

Jan, I love your chili peppers! Wish I could have been a wkend warrior with you two. How fun!