Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday cards! Lauren! Fun!

One recent day on my way home I was in this traffic guages tell the story.

Lauren's corner. My fake-daughter is named Lauren. It would have been my real daughter's name had I had one. Had to take this photo.

Scenery on my way in to work one recent morning. Sunset scene is the same silos.

Friday night began my birthday extravaganza. A friend and I went to Fourth Street Live - saw and heard the amazing Monarchs - a band from my youth that still sounds phenomenal. (How come the crowd was so white-hair heavy when I'm not? - They made me feel young, which is a great way to begin a birthday.)

Here are the handmade birthday cards I've received so far this year. Below is the full contingent of cards (not including the many Facebook wishes and emailed greeeting cards) and also some family photos during part of the near week-long birthday celebration...hurray! I can't even notice I'm a year older because everyone has kept me too busy having fun! Tomorrow we're going to dinner...this birthday keeps going and going and going...

Below: Mike and Celeste; Mom and Andrea; two sisters.

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