Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Run State Park Weekend

Spent the weekend at Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, IN...how fitting with Turkey Day coming on Thursday. I attended a Joe Fettingis watercolor workshop with my good friend Donna. I can only dream of being the maestro of the brush that Joe is.

Enjoy the scenery...covered bridges abound in Parke County, IN and we discovered a few of them.

Here's Donna's car turning onto one of the covered bridges.

When he was about three my oldest son wanted me to call him "Bubby". Probably should have. I wonder if he did this grafitti inside one of the bridges.

We stayed at the Inn in the park. The place is really nice, but the kitchen is not. The best place to eat was this 'saloon' in Rockville ten miles away.

Here is Joe's palette setup.

And here is Joe demoing.

He complimented my beginning work, but I see ALL the flaws - I'm sure he did too.

Snowy country landscape:

Value study using only Payne's gray:


We also found this little log church in the woods. (Well, it wasn't lost...) There is a huge deep ravine (big drop off!) just a few yards from the church. We hiked into one of the ravines just before our little hike to the log church. (Hiked - I, replete with walking stick that I had found on the trail. Needed it too.)

This carved tree was near the church. Memories.

Scenery is nice here. We're headed back in May to get pix with dogwoods and other spring flora.

Here are a couple of photos of the sunset the night Donna and I broke away to do a little photography. (Can't wait to see what she got with her super-duper new camera.) The first one was taken from inside a covered bridge looking out onto a creek.

This second one has our third covered bridge 'find' sharing space with the setting sun

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