Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Art Projects - so far

I've been involved in three art workshops this year already, and a few calligraphy jobs. Above is a photo of the book I made in Bonnie Stahlecker's workshop at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis in January, which jump-started my busy art year.

Below are some photos from the Jacqueline Sullivan "Wet N Wild" watercolor workshop, on various background techniques. The first is my finished piece from the workshop. Jacqueline talked me into tearing it into two pieces. I tore it along an organic shape and will mount the left side piece slightly above the right hand side in a collage frame. The second is a group of student papers drying. Today I have been practicing lettering with a pencil. I'll post more art pictures in the next few days and some other photos I've been taking.

Here are practice pages I've been working on. I HAVE to buy a new camera...all those splotches are on my lens. : /

Here are some of the escort cards and envelopes that filled my studio.

Here is a very long menu, which was part of a very large job (An earlier post has pictures from that event.)

Here is a hand-lettered invitation for a small dinner party and one of the envelopes...(address obliterated for privacy.)

Here is my Jace the face, whom I kept for 4 days while his parents made a trip to Texas. What a great bonding time we had!

Here is Jace watching TV with his Pappy.

And I'll end with my Sleepy Jace.


Sandy said...

Those are beautiful and especially the ones of Jace ;)

Sally Sanders said...

Lovely! Good job on all your work this year. I landed here from Victoria's blog.

letterlady said...

Sally! I was just on your blog last week. I admired much of your work. Thanks for looking and commenting. I am honored.

Sandy, nothing compares to God's great work in that sweet baby of yours.

Jane Farr said...

Beautiful work Jan! You are making me wish I had ponied up for Bonnie's class at the Eiteljorg afterall! :) Your finished piece from Jacqueline's class is awesome. You should enter it in the fair!! The Wishard menu is exquisite. You did a great job on such a tight deadline. But the best piece of art is that baby boy! He sure has grown. Love the photo of him chillin' with Pappy. :-)