Friday, July 09, 2010

Does This Baby Look Sick to You?

I babysat last night to give Steve and Sandy a break. Jace had been sick and they'd had a few rough nights. After he napped in my arms for about an hour and a half, I gave him a bath in the kitchen sink...didn't want to risk getting his ears wet in the tub. I think he's well now. He sure looks great to Grandma!

Sandy and Jace.

Steve and Jace.

Here are two drawings I did this week. I'm still loving the pencil pressure and release lettering, but they don't photograph well. (Maybe that's a good thing, as I can see lots of room for improvement.) I don't know whether to use colored pencils to finish these or not...the paper is too flimsy to handle watercolors, which is what I'd prefer. I'm enjoying drawing again too. Will probably do more of it as I recover from oral surgery.

What the heck is it with big ego "King" James? He's not MY king! I'm surprised that it's considered so newsworthy, but I guess no (real) news is good news. Give me more of this tripe if it means nothing worse requires reporting.

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Sandy said...

Oh my Gah our little man looks too darn cute. I guess he needed a good dose of grandma and pappy ;) And, again thanks so much. You are wonderful.