Monday, July 05, 2010

New Work Beginnings and family stuff and FiReWorKs!

A bit of the family fireworks in celebration of Natalie's birthday, July 4. Nat had a cool plan...cookout, then outdoor movies after the fireworks. Operation Petticoat with the suave and swoonably handsome Cary Grant.

Three pieces I started today. One is very large (maybe 30x40) and two are 16x20. Teal is base color. I added orange to the two smaller ones and didn't like it. Covered it up. We'll see what happens. These pix were taken at dusk today and are a bit darker than actual color. I began all three pieces with squirts of white gesso. Pretty awful at this point. Let's see if I can rescue them. I have adopted my friend Diana's philosophy - "I can fix it." : )

This is a grouped shot, but truer color.

Here is a drawing I did today of some totems with an African influence.

Jace with Pappy and also with Daddy on big Lowe's home center shopping expedition.

Natalie admiring Jace's chubby knees.

Celeste with Grandma. Celeste fixed Grandma's pretty white hair for Andrea's graduation.

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Sandy said...

I love the color of the canvas. I think I told you that the other night though. Lol. Jace in that bucket is the cutest thing. Of course I'll have to get that printed also. And, Natalie admiring those knees is just too darn cute!