Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here's the ever-visible CN Tower in Toronto. Not only can you see the super-tall structure from almost anywhere in the city, but on a clear day you can see all the way to Niagara Falls from the top floor. There is also a glass floor on one of the highest floors of the tower, which spooked many people out. Not Jace. He was a star attraction as he practically danced out of his mommy's arms on it. One woman laughed as she saw me snapping this photo and said, "That's the best photo of the day!"

At the Toronto Zoo...looks like the kangaroo is asking, "Can we talk?"

I didn't notice the crocs at first. Cute, huh! (Niagara on the Lake.)

Most of Toronto's Chinatown was a blur to me - literally. We didn't get out of the car and I had to snap photos from the back seat of the car. I love Chinatowns...lots of neat 'stuff'. Believe it or not, this was taken from the car. Darn good camera! We were many feet from the shop.

This butterfly practically posed for my new camera at Niagara on the Lake. Many colorful and well-tended flowers lined the sidewalks and landscaping in this pretty town.

I took many, many photos. I'll add more another night. Or two. I'm glad I went to Canada. My first visit to our neighboring country made me want to return. EXCEPT FOR TGIFriday's. More on that later too.

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