Thursday, September 09, 2010

What is it About This Baby and Hats?

What is it about this baby and hats? He looks adorable to his G-ma! And he seems to like them. His mama dresses him so cute!
We all joined the Y, and tonight was my first night. They provide two hours of childcare and Jace seems very happy in the childcare room. He loves meeting new people. I'll discuss a plan with a trainer tomorrow after work. I've packed my swimsuit, but I think the one hour orientation is all the time I'll have tomorrow. I have a rush-rush job on very teeny tiny placecards - difficult, to say the least. One trainer was surprised to hear that I hadn't worked out since I played basketball in high school. I walk a lot, but no cardio, and I need it! We ended our session by walking up a near-mountain of outdoor steps by the riverside. I did better than I thought I would, and the view was very nice from the top. (That reminds me -- I did do a lot of stair-climbing to prepare for my first European trip in 2001. I need to do more.)

Back to Jace - for those who haven't noticed, I became the total grandma (G-ma) when he was born. Everyone says it, but it's not real until it happens to you...having a grandchild is a wonderful thing. My friends have told me, but it doesn't have the same impact until it happens to you!)


Anonymous said...

SO cute!! :)

--Diane K.

Jane Farr said...

Jace is adorable Jan! What a blessing for you to be so active in his daily life. (A blessing for you both!)

Kim Shenberger said...

That is one cute baby boy!

(And amen to your thoughts on being a grandma. I can attest to the truth of that! : D )

Sandy said...

Our babydoll is a cutie indeed.

letterlady said...

Mmmm-whaaa! (That's a Diana Shore kiss...and I know you don't even know who she was.)