Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dr. Pappy, Nurse Jamma

Our little Jace was sick this weekend, but we helped get him well again. What a difference from Friday night to Sunday night!

Dr. Pappy taking his turn with the bottle of Pedialite.

Lots of rest was part of the healing process.

Ah! He's feeling lots better! This reminds me of the photo of his daddy at 21 months pushing his stroller at Disney World. This marked a first for Jace...he'd pulled himself up to stand behind his walker.

Happy Birthday, Mommy. Your baby doll is feeling a lot better now.

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Sandy said...

Awe, I love this. It's so sweet. I love the picture of him sleeping by himself. He looked so peaceful. I am so glad he is feeling better. I know I have said that a million times but I am. And, that picture of him & I is cute too :)