Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fernando's Louisville Visit

What sights do you show a world traveler who happens to visit you in Jeffersonville? The Harvest Homecoming Festival in New Albany, the Louisville skyline on a crisp, clear night, Churchill Downs (not a horse in sight, but there WAS Woody Z), St. James Court, U of L, Yum arena, Jean Dubuffet sculptures outside the KY Center for the Arts, Hillerich and Bradsby, The Ali Center with the cool icons visible only from a distance, my modest little home where friends and family shared food and a good time, Huber's Winery where we bought a pumpkin pie, a treat he'd never tasted - and loved, and of course Jace!

On Friday night we took photos along the riverfront in Jeff. Some of these are my pix, some are Fernando's. His are better.

We walked up Fourth Street Live in Louisville and visited the Rathskellar at the Seelbach Hotel.

On Saturday we did a mini tour of Louisville, visited Huber's Winery in Starlight Indiana, and Saturday night had a cookout on the patio.

The Thinker at U of L.

Steve and Fernando at Churchill Downs.

A mural painter at CD.

Gourds at Huber's.

A pumpkin-filled wagon at Huber's.

Fernando and Jace really hit it off well.

The plan was to eat our way through Harvest Homecoming on Sunday. Though it didn't quite work that way, he did try his first ever grill-roasted corn on the cob still in the shuck. We visited friends and searched high and low for picture postcards to send back home to Argentina. Who knew they would be so hard to find? (Thank you, Jeffersonville Visitor Center and Laura for looking up the number!) Sadly, he has left now, and will soon be back home in Argentina.

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