Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sandy, Steve and Jace

It's Date Night! Well, it was. Steve and Sandy went out with friends and Jamma and Pappy got to keep the little man.

Look at those EYES! Baby blues for sure!

Note what the pajama top says: Grandma lets me stay up late. I am unabashedly guilty!

Mommy and Daddy both have brown eyes, but Jace's blue eyes are found on both sides of the family tree (Uncle Mike, great aunt Lilla, Aunt NeeCee, and close-to-blue hazel eyes of Indiana Pappy) and are pretty identical to his maternal Pappy's. Though he has the best of both Mommy and Daddy, his great uncle Bob declares that he is "definitely a Hurst" and looks just like Pappy did when he was 11 months old and the "most beautiful baby in the world". Awwww. Jamma sees Mommy's beautiful lips and Uncle Mike's & Uncle Roger's hairline (so evident now that Daddy buzzed his head!), Uncle Chris's feet - wide and flat! - and Daddy's temperament to a T, so both Mommy & Daddy's DNA is very evident. Confession - if he looked like a little troll we'd still love him to pieces.

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Sandy said...

Love this post, and I love the fact that you captured his stunning blue eyes so well....