Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Chicks

Jace spent the night Saturday so we took him to the new Rural King store to see baby chicks. Steve saw them just a few days ago when they were new baby peepers. By Sunday when we went they were already getting their wing feathers. I think we got there just in time.

Here he is peeking into one of the tubs full of chick-lets.

Here he is with the haircut his Daddy just gave him, minus the usual gel. Even though the haircut makes him look older, he's just a baby chick himself (13 months.)


Sandy said...

Love him peeking over at the baby chicks. So cute!!!

MB Shaw said...

Hey, guess what lucky girl! You won the small stencils in my blog contest. I will need your mailing address to send them right out to you. Yippee!!!

letterlady said...

Hurray! I'm excited! Mary Beth's stencils are so cool!