Saturday, April 09, 2011

Jace at the Louisville Zoo

Steve, Sandy, Jace and I went to the Louisville Zoo today. It rained this morning, but by the time we decided to go the sun was out, skies were blue and it was warm. Sandy bought a family pass so they'll be going back often.

Loved the black swans.

Jace got up close and personal with a friendly and curious gorilla...behind heavy glass.

A safer gorilla. He loved it!

Jace doing an elephant trunk with his arm.

jace leaning over big snake.

A rare white gator.

Smiling goat in the petting zoo.


Jace did a good tiger roar.

Black stone fountain - Jace loved it and got totally drenched.

A silverback.

Turtles in a row.

Jace was a pretty tough guy - scared of nothing - until we sat him on this stump in the petting zoo. The safety of daddy's arms was all he wanted then.

Lotsa monkeys in the gift shop.

What a great day for visiting the zoo!

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