Monday, May 30, 2011

We Got a Pool!

A wading pool, that is. Here are some shots of Jace enjoying it in our backyard. Sandy and I bought the pool for only a couple of dollars at a Kidstuff sale, and decided it wasn't much of a loss if it had a leak. No leak! Hubs said it was the best $2 I ever spent.

Most kids don't like water in their faces, do they? The first thing Jace did was dunk his face for his daddy. (Isn't this a yoga position?)

Here's a shot of Jace and Pappy in the pool.

Here's Jace doing a bit of construction work. He is not yet 15 months old and weighs less than 20 pounds. This landscape stone was large and heavy!

More construction. Now Jace looks like a plumber.

Since everything goes into the mouth, it's understandable that when he got the waterhose, he took a drink!

I think Jace looks a lot like his Mommy in this photo.

He knew I was taking his picture and mugged for me.

Look at that physique! And the trunks that droop to the ankle. Right in style. (No, he didn't spray us, but I know that day will come.)

We did get way more than $2 worth of fun out of it in yesterday's extreme late May heat. (94F, I think.) Now everyone is clamoring for a 'real' pool!

2 comments: said...

I love everything you write about,it's even better when it includes our lil Jace.

Sandy said...

I love all of your captions. Lol. The photo of Jace with the big rock is priceless. I love his puckered up strong lips. Ha. And, of course the plumbers crack!!!! LMAO. I loved when he cheesed for you too. He is too funny.