Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bourbon Trail Revisited - sort of

Sandy and I made a Girls' Day Out of heading back to the Bourbon Trail. But we didn't explore distilleries. Instead we explored Versailles, KY's quaint historic area. Beautiful old homes and quaint shops. (Maybe quaint enough to be called 'shoppes'.)

Here are a few pix from our tours of the shoppes in Versailles (rhymes not with the city in France, but with Her + white sheet-like devices on boats that catch the wind and make hem go.)

The farm store - right in the heart of the historic district.
(No, we didn't go inside the farm store. we went to the antique mall across the street.)

The Pretty Pink shop - a boutique with fun jewelry and more.
Our lunch at Lite Side on Main Cafe. Half of a BLT and a lovely spinach salad. Not pictured, but definitely part of the deliciousness was the pumpkin bread with cream cheese. Yum! And bar none, the people in Versailles were SO nice!
My miscalculation enabled us to drive past "The Castle" - twice! (Sorry, Sandy, but you have to admit, it was worth the short detour.)

And here is our precious angel Jace the night before when we babysat while Sandy went to her photo-session. The boy DOES get in to Pappy's spaghetti in a big uninhibited way! (Even a messy mess, he is still his Jamma's dollbaby.)

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