Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Backyard Activity

Cardinal on backyard fence. The nest is in neighbor's tree. The song is lovely.
I found these shoes at a resale shop. They reminded me of the black "Granny" boots I saw filled with shamrocks on the front stoop of a little shop in Ireland. These aren't shamrocks, but I think they still look cute.
Anybody know which are weeds to be pulled? I can't tell what's what. I inherited this bird and butterfly garden when I bought this house, and I've let it grow into an awful state. I simply do not know what is meant to stay and what needs to go. Does anyone recognize some definite 'pull mes"?
I spent a long time taking photos of a feeding session in my backyard earlier this month. The activity wore me out! The house is now empty. The babies (three of them) have obviously flown off now.
Big hungry baby.
Hello-ooo! I'm waiting!

Still waiting...
Hey, Pipsqueak! I'm the dad here. I'm not listening to you. Learn your manners.
Mama's love is strong.
Listen to me!
Dad with two of the three.
Mama told me to lay low til she got back.
I'm hungry! Bring more next time.
Mama didn't tell me there'd be days like this.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I hear you on the weeds. I have something growing right in front of our swing, because it looks like a sprout of the Peony bush that used to be in that area. I't only about 6-8 tall, but I hate to pull it. So I'll wait and see.

Love the boots!