Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Time!!!

We had a good week. Here are some photos of Laura's Beautiful Garden. No pictures of the vegetables, but I hope to get some up close at harvest time. (Hint, hint.)

We went with Sandy and Steve to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. The first person we saw was Summer Santa. Christmas in July! We had him all to ourselves, and Jace sat on his lap. Hmmm - I totally forgot to tell him what I wanted for Christmas this year.

What a handsome Santa he is!

Anthony rode up and down on this ride in the Christmas section of the park. It must have seemed pretty tame after the two humongous and wild wooden roller coaster rides we'd already had.

Jace was too small to ride on this one, so Alexis rode it without him.

Pappy took Jace on the carousel. Jace likes horses.

Sandy was so scared that Jace would cry and be afraid when she left him all alone on this ride. He fooled his mama! He loved it!

We spent most of the day in the Splashing Safari area of the park - swimsuits, hot sun, wave pools, water slides, etc., etc. My camera was safely stowed in a locker. No swim pix. Probably a good thing.

Holiday World was called Santa Claus Land in its early days when Pappy was a toddler enjoying it with his grandparents. It was still Santa Claus Land when our sons were small. The name has changed, the theme has expanded (as has the acreage and thus the walking) to include all the holidays, but the family nature of the park is the same. Holiday World has free soft drinks and water all day long, and free sunscreen in the water park. There is free parking too. In addition they have free-to-use swim vests for those who want them. We were totally worn out after 9 hours, but the kids stayed til the park closed and we took Jace home with us a few hours earlier. Everyone was happier that way. Jace slept most of the way home.

Due to a large 'rush' calligraphy job, I was forced to miss my high school reunion. Booo! Everyone had a good time though, I have heard. We were a good bunch - and we still are!

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