Thursday, July 07, 2011

Jace Growing Too Fast

Above is Jace wearing Pappy's shirt. A little too big for him yet.

Pappy has always told the story of his very young years when he lived with his grandparents. His grandfather used to play with the pots and pans with him when Grandmother was away, and scurry to put them away when they heard her come home. When she was there, it was forbidden. So, Pappy rearranged some cabinets the other day, placing plastic ware down low so Jace could play without getting hurt. Thinking he was doing something he was not supposed to do, he loved the treat.

Here are a few more photos of my little boy who is growing much too quickly.
Jace has cousins visiting this month. Lexie and Anthony are here from Mississippi. At 10 and 11, they are a lot of fun, and Jace is loving that.

Here are Lexie and Ant playing in Jace's wading pool.

And here is Anthony with Lorenzo, Sandy's Jack Russell terrier. Sorry about Ren's green eyes! Bad photographer.

We had a small fireworks display here on the 5th (the kids were enroute from MS on the 4th.) Here is the smoke from one of the big, beautiful explosives. It looked kind of eerie in the almost dark.

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