Monday, October 31, 2011

Booooo! It's Hallowe'en!

Going out Trick-or-Treating with my grandson Jace in my Mom's neighborhood brought back memories of my own young years, tearing through the neighborhood on Halloween night. Such fun! And what a street to do it on! It and the neighboring street are blocked off on one end so vehicular traffic can only go in one direction each - and slowly. Very kid-friendly even after all these years. I think Mom went through ten bags of candy, doling out one little piece at a time!

Here I am with Sandy and Jace before we left. (Hint, I am not one of the pretty ones.)

One man gave his candy out dressed as The Rhinestone Cowboy.

I can only think this pair must have been dressed as Saint and Sinner.

Here's my little Yoda, having a great time! (He walked more than twice as far as we thought he would, and loved every minute of it.)

A very Big Baby and a Little Car.

A Cowboy and a HotDog.

A little Angel and Witch.

There were so many cute costumes. I couldn't take pix of all of them, and I missed many of the best ones. A few Supermen, Batmen and Spidermen, a couple of Marios, many zombies (I guess that's the new hobo and gypsy from my day - easy homemade costumes), a darling Tigger and ladybug, a few fairies, princesses, and scary ones galore. I think my favorites were the hamburger (a two year old who wasn't afraid of my green-faced witch though his big brother was) and the horse and rider. No pix. It was dark and folks were moving quickly. There were many witches too, including some pretty green-faced ones. We bonded.

A Derelict Poppin Fresh. What on earth was this Poppin Fresh cookie jar doing in such condition on this neglected front porch? Sort of fitting for Halloween, I guess.

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