Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some Additional Sights in Toulouse

Imagine our surprise when we encountered this painting of President Barack Obama in the Galeries Lafayette on one of our first days in France. Sue's luggage had been lost so we spent a few days shopping. Quite fun to have this USA reminder there.

I loved this iris grillwork on a side street in Toulouse. Hated the poor situation it was in though.
Las Crosses was our major bearing street as we traversed the streets in downtown Toulouse.

Two shots at a small flower store on Las Crosses.

Beautiful stonework - including complete stone houses made of smallish stones - and grillwork and many things to see if you just look around.

These two garcons were outside taking a smoke break.
Rental bike stands were a common sight in this college city.
Speaking of bikes...
This is Basilica of St. Sernin viewed from a side street.
Lovely flowers in the churchyard.
I think I spied this steeple during one of our 'we're lost' drives as road closings and one way streets took us on mini adventures.

This is the lobby of the Grand Hotel Du Opera on the Capitol Plaza. We ate a very expensive but happy lunch there on Sue's last day with us. We were joined by Saro and Gilles, the two lovely people who helped us find our way to Gargas when we got lost leaving the grocery near the airport. (We spent a fair portion of our first few days getting lost.)

This Happy Mannequin outside a shop on a side street was kind of frightening.
The Capitol.
A clock I spotted on a walking tour.
Loved this little fountain vignette in an out of the way niche.
A sweet shoppe in downtown near the Capitol.
This historic looking building now houses a shop for the championship Rugby team in Toulouse.
A train we never rode. Only saw it this once as we sat eating our cornettes on the Capitol Plaza.
Transportation and a movie poster. Does the movie look familiar?

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