Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jace in the Box!

Early in the shopping season, I was told that Jace had been stopping everything and dancing to the Rockin Elmo commercial every time it came on tv. Being the grandmother who wants to see Jace as happy as a little boy can be, I ordered it early from Amazon - full price. I had been warned that it could be the Cabbage Patch Doll or the Tickle Me Elmo, the X-box or the Glow-worm of its time and be impossible to find closer to Christmas. Couldn't let that happen, could I?

With today's economy, I needn't have worried about that, though I'm sure the toy company wishes it had. Last week I saw it at a local store for 1/3 less than I'd paid, but I'd purchased too long ago and Amazon would only give me an 80% refund and I'd have had to pay for shipping, and it was too much trouble for so small a return; so I was 'Jump-the-gun Grandmother' with an expensive full priced toy while a glut of lesser cost ones remained on the shelves. Will I learn from this lesson for next year? Buy local is one lesson. Don't jump the gun is another. There's yet another lesson, which will become evident within a few photos.
The Elmo wrapping paper (following the theme of his favorite character) let him know which packages were his.
Jace had a blast ripping paper from packages and opening them.

He loved his Rockin Elmo, he loved his family's love and togetherness, and he really, REALLY loved Elmo's cardboard box. (At one point he even pulled Elmo into it with him as he tried to close himself up in it.) (Yep - that's the lesson!)

He loved Elmo's microphone and immediately went into a Justin Bieber imitation...swoon, girls, swoon!

At home, decked out head to toe in Elmo gear - knowing exactly what to do with that mike. The kid has style! Now, if he can only carry a tune...

Mom and the kids were here for dinner and gifts yesterday, I went to St. Peter's Basilica for midnight Mass with the Pope last night (He called this 'The Feast of the Heart' - I loved that!), and today it will be family time at my sister's. (Pope Benedict XVI also decried the commercialization of Christmas, and despite the Elmo misadventure, our gift-giving was confined for the most part to gifts of love and practicality...not counting the bourbon balls, ha ha.)

All photos here courtesy of Sandy Wright Photography.

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