Friday, December 30, 2011

Return Trip to France?

It's official. I have to return to France.

Here is my favorite souvenir from France. A salt and pepper shaker set that I bought at Rocamadour. See my October 13th post about Rocamadour. Rocamadour was a difficult spot to get to...lots of hills, winding roads and hairpin curves that no tour bus could travel. The payoff was delightful...a wonderful ancient cliffside village that seemed to grow out of the rocks. Cute shops, ancient chapels, spectacular views. I purchased this set of 'sel et poivre' shakers there.

SOMEONE dropped the poivre! Someone cracked the pepper shaker. I am not pleased. Someone said, "I guess you'll have to go back." I guess I will!

Someone now denies having been the culprit. Maybe it was this guy?

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Oh no! Pappy broke it!