Thursday, January 05, 2012

Doors and Windows in southern France

There were beautiful doors and windows on every street in France. I posted a blog about the hand doorknockers and the lettres slots earlier - I love them!
Here are some more doors and doorways from various cities and villages, most of which I snapped as we walked along the rues and avenues.

In Cordes sur Ciel - a village in the clouds.
Also in Cordes sur Ciel.
Another in Cordes sur Ciel.
Yet another in Cordes sur Ciel.

Another from Cordes sur Ciel. (Maybe I used opportunities to photograph doorways in this uphill bastide - chartered in 1222 - to catch my breath from all the climbing, but it was one of my favorite villages, and interesting doorways were everywhere.)

This one is in Albi - home of Toulouse Lautrec museum.

I think this one is in Auch. You can't tell from this photo, but the green door is one of a pair that closes this alcove off from the main shopping street we were on. I'm glad it was open so we could see the pretty little flower-bedecked stairway inside.

One in Toulouse.

A doorway near Basilica St. Sernin Cathedral in Toulouse. I love the floral and wrought-iron trim.

Another in Toulouse. Isn't it sweet?

Another door near Basilica St. Sernin in Toulouse. (French pronunciation is a very soft eliding S in second syllable...two-looze. In my mind I can hear the French people saying it. I wish I had recorded it to add here.)

Number 55. It's in Toulouse.

A graffiti embellished door in Toulouse near colleges. Toulouse is, I think, the second largest city in France after Paris. Lots of varied big city sights there.

In Toulouse.

This one is in Toulouse.

On a side road in Toulouse.


In Toulouse.

I think these Geraniums were in Moissac because I remember taking a photo of geraniums in a window over a narrow street there...but these may actually be in Toulouse. Toulouse has lots of wrought-iron trimmed windows and also lots of flower boxes.

Green doors. These were in a small village, the name of which escapes me, not too far from where we stayed 1/2 hour or so outside of Toulouse.

Number 11 - in Foix, near Niaux, in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains.

In Montauban.
In Carcassonne.

In Carcassonne.

I know I took many other photos of doorways during my travels. Some may be in other blog posts since my return from there in late August. Seeing all of these makes me want to return.

I have market day photos to post, probably next week. Then I'll have to travel somewhere again. I think that will finish my three weeks in France. : ( I love to travel, to see especially how other people live, which is why I prefer self-travel to packaged tours. I'm sure I miss a lot that tour guides can relay, but I'm not a history buff, so much of that is too much information for my fact-confusing brain. Memories are my souvenirs, and the photos remind me of them.

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