Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summertime - and the Swimming is Easy (if you're two)

We got Jace's pool ready one morning last week. I put a new sliding board together to add a new twist to the wading pool fun for Jace.

He even had a snack in the pool - and promptly dunked his Oreos in the pool.

What a little athlete he is! So strong, he could jump in and out from a crouch over the side of the pool and land on his feet! The truly strong people in life always have a bit of compassion and gentleness, and Jace is no different. He worried over his Pappy's booboos on his left knee and kissed them. (He loved having his Pappy in his pool with him.)

Just as he was getting tired of the activity I introduced belly sliding to him. I lifted him up onto the slide on his belly and scooted his body to the incline. He loved it! He climbed out and back to the sliding board for at least another half an hour, always saying 'belly' when he got to me.

Recently we bought him a Hohner harmonica. He had a plastic one that was a lung-burster to get even a squeak out of. This one was like magic to him. He loved it! Here is a snapshot from the first time he played it.

It's so much fun experiencing these little pleasures with a two year old again. We're looking forward to the next pool time.

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