Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to Two Great Dads

Happy Father's Day!

Each generation owes something to the one before. Here are three generations. Two fathers, two sons, one grandfather, one grandson. Happy Fathers Day to three of the most important males in my life.

Dad, meet your very first son.

Steve was a natural.

He still had the touch when his first grandson arrived.

Son Steve carries on the tradition. He is a great father and son, who loves his son completely.

Steve went back to school - what a great dad to show his son the importance of education and following a dream, and making it come true.

Grandson 'helping' his Pappy.

They love to play together.

A familiar sight in the early days. Both guys always liked bedtime.

Newborn photos have changed a lot since Steve was born. Here are Steve and Chris in their hospital photos followed by Jace in his newborn photo (not in the hospital.)

I love all of my guys!

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