Monday, August 20, 2012

Separating Egg Yolks from Whites - Novel Trick

I borrowed this yummy looking photo of an almond angel food cake from Looks like something I'd love! I love angel food cake! I only buy them though - don't bake them. BUT - if I were ever to bake one, I feel sure that the task of separating the egg yolks from the whites would be made much simpler with this little youtube video I picked up from Facebook. (Thanks to my Australian friend Champagne for the original share.) I do occasionally bake pound cakes. They usually require only yolks, so this same tip would work for them too. Meringues take only whites too, and I make angel cookies every Christmas using egg whites. I am trying to think of all the uses for this novel trick.

All you need is - raw eggs - two bowls - a clean plastic soft drink bottle

Really! Don't let the foreign language trip you up. It's all in the video. You can do it! If you don't need to separate eggs, it's fascinating to watch anyway. Enjoy!

Click on this link to view the very short video.

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