Friday, July 27, 2012


My little mother. She is so dear to me. I took her to the eye doctor on Monday morning. We had 19 minutes to spare when we got to the street where the office was. I noted that to Mom, who replied, "We aren't there yet." Is she prescient? We actually walked into the doctor's office 1 minute late (20 minutes later.) By the time we found the elusive address, finding a parking spot was even harder. I dropped Mom off and searched for a parking spot. Had to park a half mile away and trudge back to her in 100 degree heat. Then the doctor was running late. Good visit though, finally. The story gets worse due to the half mile walk back and then car trouble (my car is still in the shop and still not fixed!), but I had her to my sister's house by then, just houses away from hers, so it could have been worse.

This is Mom with my oldest son at his recent college graduation.)

While in the doctor's very crowded waiting room, we had two seats near the door. After a time, an elderly woman with a cane made her way to the door followed by her husband, whose vision was impaired. I stood to open the door for them and held it for both. They thanked me sweetly and I sat back down next to Mom. She said, "Thank you, Jan. That was so good of you." I responded, "You raised me right." She liked that. It was true. We had a great day and a very good visit. She was more lucid than she's been in awhile.

UPDATE, 8/21/2012: Since this post Mom had eye surgery to remove scar tissue following a botched cataract surgery some twenty years ago. She has been living with a very annoying 'wrinkle' in the vision in one eye. Until recently there was no acceptable surgery to correct it. Her wonderful doctor performed the surgery as an outpatient and she handled it very well. The gas bubble (injected to allow access to scrape away the scar tissue) is still there, but is dissipating and getting smaller every day, and she already sees much more clearly from that eye. She is thrilled!

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