Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween with Jace

Halloween with Jace is always fun. This year he went as an airplane pilot. His mama found the cutest authentic looking jacket and hat with flaps. They added some goggles, brown pants and shoes. I bought a glow in the dark ghostly bucket to hold his candy, and he was all set to beg for candy on my mother's street - arguably the very best trick-or-treat neighborhood for generations!

Here's the Jack-o-Lantern that met Jace at our house.

Second cuz Celeste rocks his goggles!

We all had fun. Jace's great grandma enjoyed all the kids who stopped by in costumes, and of course she enjoyed seeing her own grandson and great grandson. Great Aunt Angie and her family, just down the street, had fun with Jace too. It's a whole 365 days til the next time!

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