Friday, November 16, 2012

It Started with a Hankie

It started with a hankie. My new daughter in law gave me a gift on her wedding day to my son. It was an embroidered handkerchief - too pretty to use - with the sweetest message from her to me. It touched my heart.

I opted to have it framed. But then I went on a little shopping spree and found a collage frame. I decided to use it for the handkerchief and other wedding mementos. My friend Jen had given them a triple handful of her lovely Jen Stones as wedding favors. They had Steve and Sandy's names on them and their wedding date. They have mine, so it hasn't made it into the frame yet. Nor has the wedding photo I will include. Their photographer hasn't sent their photos yet. It does have their invitation and its hand-lettered envelope, a starfish on green ribbon that served as an aisle decoration, a piece of excess sash ribbon from Sandy's dress and a cork from a bottle of wine used in the pitchers full of sangria that Steve made.

I am pleased with this shadowbox frame filled with reminders of their beach wedding. It will be even nicer when the remaining pieces are installed. --- And my new daughter in law wants me to make one for her too. Hers won't have the hankie.

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