Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Great Santa Caper

We are calling this "The Great Santa Caper". First of all, my husband (aka, 'the kidnapper') is sometimes a funny prankster. Yesterday morning that was apparent. He decided to kidnap Santa.

There's the target, totally unaware of the impending threat.

In his bathrobe, the kidnapper sneaked across the street in broad daylight - target in sight.

The neighbors didn't notice their Santa was missing, so a ransom note was written.

"We have Santa. Don't call police. Don't do anything stupid."

And delivered.

As we went out for the evening, Santa was left inside wistfully looking across to his home - but maybe enjoying the warmth indoors.

Max kept watch.

If the kidnapper hadn't grown tired of waiting for his telephoned ransom demand (whole cashews and two Christmas cookies) to be delivered, perhaps Santa would still be waiting at our door.

But, the kidnapper's patience wore thin. Santa was returned unharmed...perhaps remembering how nice it was to be inside, out of the cold, and maybe knowing who loves him best. Much laughter ensued, but no cashews, no cookies.

When the kidnapper was questioned by this house detective, he said he's retired and has time to think up fun things to do to torment his neighbors. He could do worse.

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