Monday, September 15, 2008

Flirtie Gertie

The brace is off my hand and it feels good! I'm traveling again quite a bit for work. Last week in MS and TN, next week in MO and NE. Have recently been in NC and SC as well, and October brings a return to SC and MS, among others.

I am working on a surprise Christmas gift for someone...actually three someones. I hope they turn out. If they do, I will share on the blog for sure. So far, so good. It's exciting! (But there's a long way to go.)

Last week I spent time at Donna's house, and she is doing fantastic new (art) work! We went to Paducah's Lowertown, but the most fun was visiting the Papa gallery, where she may soon display her own work. The people there were great. I wish we had something like it here. I stayed with Donna's lovely and so hospitable mother...thanks, Jean!

The image I'm sharing is from a store window. Wouldn't Flirtie Gertie make a great greeting card!

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