Thursday, September 18, 2008

Artistic wisdom and Ike's trickery

On Sunday afternoon the Ohio River Valley witnessed a bit of Ike's strength. With some gusts as high as 90 mph and some sustained winds of 50-60 mph, much of this area was left without power. More than 100,000 homes remain without power tonight (Thursday.) Fortunately, my home was nearly unaffected, and I put out the call to family members & friends to come stay with me. One small oddity of the wind is evidenced in the photo of my three sunshine plaques on the fence in my backyard. Two of the three flipped around. I'm surprised (and happy) that they didn't fall off, but am fairly flabbergasted that they could flip around instead.

The second photo is from my trip to Paducah last week. Scratched into the concrete walk in front of one gallery was this appropriate quote - art does not have to match your couch!

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