Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old Bikers, lovely home and fab exhibit (The old, the older and the new)

I was browsing some of my photos today and found this one of three old bikers taken last Spring in Paducah, KY. I remembered how delighted I was to see the juxtaposition of old versus new and back to old again. The three old gents obviously had different ideas of 'biking'.
I also found a photo of the Latimer House where I will spend a night later this week when I am in Mississippi. Built in 1895, it is a late-Victorian beauty inside and out.
Yesterday my friend Diana and I visited a wonderful exhibit in Corydon, IN where one of our friends was a featured artist. We each purchased wonderful works of art by Susannah Hebert. Mine is a yellow glass and copper garden sunshine with a beautiful quote sandblasted into the sun's 'face'. Diana bought a fun piece to hang on her new studio's front porch. It will definitely be a conversation piece. The real stunner of the day was Susannah's glass, metal, rock, wire and bead tree. A true work of art, that can never be duplicated. Susannah's sister and friends all had intriguing art pieces, so Diana and I were very happy that we went. Actually, I had to go to pick up my sunshine...Diana's purchase was unplanned and a bonus for Susannah. Susannah and Diana are pictured above, as are the tree and a detail of the tree's trunk.

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