Monday, October 06, 2008

Louisville Art Weekend Extraordinaire

This past weekend was great for art lovers in Louisville. I left work on Friday to attend the opening reception of Five from Four - an art exhibit of the work of five calligraphic artists from four countries. Steve Skaggs and Laurie Doctor of Louisville invited three friends from around the globe to participate in this exhibit. Almost all of the work was created in 2008 just for the exhibit. Great stuff! Great too to see Laurie and Steve again.
The annual St. James Court Art Show was also this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was great to see old friends, BJ McHugh, Ann and Tom Ebendorf, Cheryl Brady and others from my own art show days. I did my part for the economy buying several pairs of earrings from artists around the country. I bought a pair for my niece's birthday, but also bought several for myself. I resisted spending $500 for a glass necklace. It was so funky and cool, but easily resistable at that price. These images are of glass pieces from the show and of houses from the beautiful old Louisville neighborhood.
Saturday was also my niece's 19th birthday. Dinner that night at the Bristol was very disappointing. It's the second or third time we've tried the new Jeffersonville location, but I think it will also be the last. Extremely terrible service (like NONE!) and food that was not worth the wait - or the price. Ice cream cake at her house afterward and watching old home movies was a fun way to close out the day, however.
Oh yes...I also got my flu shot. My sister came prepared. Her business, Health Services of Kentucky is going strong at this time of year protecting citizens from the flu virus. I'm glad to have mine. Thanks, Marcia!

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Donna Hacker said...

Wish I could have walked beside you all weekend! The art exhibit and fair sounded wonderful!!! Glad the weather was good for strolling around. Can't wait to see those earrings!